"The Criminal Jury Reality Show"
-DWI, 3rd Offense and Possession of Cocaine

Date:  Monday, October 12, 2015 (Columbus Day)
9:00 am. - 4:30 pm
Arlington County Courthouse- 10th Floor
7 MCLE Credits - (1 Ethics) 

Attorneys Only Program

Experience What Jurors Really See, Hear and Feel
Four (4) Sets of Jurors:  (the selected 7 juror panel, Commonwealth 
juror strikes, Defense juror strikes, and a panel of jurors who attend 
and hear all motions in limine and all bench conferences).
All four (4) sets of jurors will hear the case and deliberate separately.  
Attendees will have the Invaluable experience of Watching and Listening to the Jurors as they deliberate. 
Attendees will then have the opportunity to solicit specific feedback from the jurors as to "How and Why" they reached their decisions.
Space is Limited - Early Registration is Highly Recommended
Here's Just Some of What We Will Learn?

How important is Voir Dire and opening statement to the outcome?

Do the parties' juror strikes really make a difference?

Do jurors expect to have video and audio recordings between police and suspects in the field?

What impact, if any, does a defendant exercising the right not to testify have on jury deliberations?

What impact, if any, does a prior conviction have on jury deliberations during the "guilt/presumption of innocence" phase?

Do the attorneys really know how to communicate with the jurors?

What effect does the appearance of an attorney, party or witness actually have on the jurors?

How do jurors actually determine an appropriate sentence after a finding of guilt? 
  Seven(7) MCLE Credits & one (1) Hours in Ethics
 Click here for the AGENDA and Program Outline   
Reservations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. Reservation and payment deadline: 
October 12th, 2015   

Program fee before Oct. 5th 2015: $150.00  

Program fee starting Oct. 5th 2015: $200.00