2015 Major Contributors


Corporate Contributor 

​​Monthly Meeting  

  May 8th, 2015 

12:30 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Arlington County Courthouse 
Jury Assembly Room 10th Floor 
1425 N. Courthouse Road 

Arlington, Virginia,  22201


1. Annual Nominating Meeting for positions on the Board of Directors and Officers for the Arlington  County Bar Association

  • The slate of candidates selected by the Nominating Committee will be announced.
  • Additional nominations for vacant positions may be made from the floor of the Nominating Meeting.

If you wish to be nominated for a position at the meeting, please contact the Bar office at 703.228.3390, for further information. 


John Holtzclaw, Esq.  - Arlington resident and ACBA member, John Holtzclaw, Esq., a Naval aviator, who flew missions in Vietnam will join us and describe his experience in Vietnam. During a mission, Lieutenant Commander Holtzclaw and his co-pilot were forced to eject over enemy territory.  Please join us to welcome Lt.Commander Holtzclaw as he describes his experience and rescue from behind enemy lines.  

Program Fee:

$20 for Members

$30 for Non-Members ( Attorneys) 

Sponsors are welcome

For more information please call 703.228.3390 or email foliver@arlingtonva.us.



Arlington, Virginia