General District Court


 Court Jurisdiction

 The General Court handles misdemeanor cases, preliminary hearings to determine probable causes in felonies and preside over involuntary mental commitment hearings.  The General Court has exclusive jurisdiction over claims and damage not exceeding $15,000.

 Records Processed

The Court also processes such items as criminal warrants, civil cases and traffic summonses.

 Court Members

Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Jr., Presiding Judge
Hon. Richard J. McCue, Presiding Judge
Hon. R. Frances O'Brien, Chief Judge 

Steven Spurr- Clerk of the General District Court  


Locations, Hours and Contact Information

 General District Court

 1425 North Courthouse Road

 Suite 2500 (2nd Floor)

 Arlington VA 22201

 Phone Numbers

 Traffic Violations:   703.228.7900

 Prepay Traffic Fine:   703.228.4599

 Criminal:  703.228.4405

 Civil & Small Claims:   703.228.4590

 Clerk’s Office: 703.228.4591